Medical Data Coding

ADB Consulting provides medical data coding services for medication and adverse events collected at any phase of clinical studies. We understand the necessity of data coding and its benefits to the data management, statistical analysis, and reporting processes of clinical trial management. Some of our clients prefer to devise and execute custom coding and classification methods based on their study requirements while others utilize standard coding methods such as MEDDRA®, WHOART®, WHODRUG®, ICD-9®, and FDA Coding Manual for Form 3500A. ADB Consulting specializes in both devising custom coding and using standard coding dictionaries. Some of the standard dictionaries have complex and complete structures with over 60,000 terms/adverse events and categorizes theses on five hierarchical levels. Our standard system allows us to code thousands of terms in minutes.


Thesaurus Administration

Our thesaurus administrators are medical terminology experts with the experience necessary to take data in most forms, and code and categorize it into a clean, structured, presentable form. Our administrators will work with the medical personnel from our client’s team to customize new coding and classification methods or standard coding manuals to accommodate unique study requirements.


Medical Coding Experts

ADB Consulting provides our clients with the professionals projects require. Our medical coding experts are registered nurses (RN) or equivalent, who are ready to decipher events that were not standardized when reported (omissions). These clinical experts work with the Clinical Research Associates and statisticians to ensure consistency and maintain coding and categorization goals. Throughout study duration, our medical experts' goal is to reduce omissions improving processing times and data quality while ensuring that all events are coded and categorized appropriately.


Data Forms and Formats

ADB Consulting codes from any starting point: CRF, CRF Listing, Flat Files, relational/non-relational exportable databases, and spreadsheets. The resulting coded data can also be presented in mostly any form.

Our expertise allows us to code data from any study phase, allowing our clients the flexibility of utilizing ADB Consulting for medical coding throughout the life of the product--from Phase 1 through to post marketing surveillance.