In Services & Out Sourcing

Overview of In Services & Outsourcing

We provide both remote and onsite servicing of Clinical Study Management, Clinical Study Monitoring, Clinical Study Auditing, Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Coding, Data Analysis, Reporting, System Validation, Staffing services. Our services may be of a Consulting, Project Management, and/or Staffing nature. 


Remote, Off-Site, and Outsourcing Services 
Our outsourcing facilities are currently capable of processing full-service Clinical Study ManagementData ManagementBio-Statistics and Medical Coding (Drug Coding and Adverse Event Coding) projects. ADB Consulting’s systems are able to handle projects with subjects of virtually any size. We employ manual (conventional), faxed-based, and remote data-entry systems according to our clients' preferences and service selections. We alter our project teams to meet the needs of the projects we undertake. ADB Consulting understands the difficulty faced with outsourced projects. Our awareness of these issues helps us to eliminate or at least lessen these difficulties. In addition, we work hard at ensuring that our projects meet their deadlines and that our clients are provided deliverables that are of the highest quality. The management team at ADB Consulting is poised at keeping turnover rates very low to ensure that our team members support their dedicated projects throughout their duration. We understand how consistency of study conduct/management, and the retention of knowledge are key items to a successful project. 

In-Services and On-Site Services 
Our in-services (on-site services) mainly include our system implementationvalidation, support, auditing, and training offerings. Our system implementation includes the offering and installation of various Clinical Data Management, Manufacturing/Operations, Quality, and Bio-Statistics services solutions giving our clients the direct benefit of knowing that their systems have been professionally implemented and that staff were appropriately trained. Our Validation package extends to all aspects of 21 CRF Part 11 requirements, minimizing risks of data and products being deemed adulterated. We follow protocols allowing us to ensure that appropriate elements are in-place. ADB Consulting welcomes validation projects that are of both a prospective and retrospective nature. We appreciate and understand the importance of having a system that is required to be         validated for their intended use, having documentation. ADB Consulting offers system audits to deduce potential gaps in system validation, allowing our clients to be comfortable with their in-house systems and processes. For the systems we implement, we offer various training packages for novices and advanced users.  

Project sizes are of no major significance; we resource developed systems/processes to developing/non-existent systems/processes. To be simply put, we can kick-start start-up groups and jump-start developed entities. We will work to understand the current system/process and its needs then recommend  and implement solutions. Based on the services required, we can operate in-house on a project management, consulting or resource providing basis. When needed, our system/process integration method will acquire and place solutions for production use documenting and ensuring compliance as we do our in-house systems. Our continued support is targeted at ensuring that learning curves are minimized for systems and processes we integrate, so that our clients can take full control with confidence.Contact an ADB Consulting representative for a cost-free consultation and estimate.

ADB Consulting provides resources to our clients, filling in-house clinical research positions. We support the staffing of all Data Management, Bio-Statistical and Clinical Operations personnel. We offer a variety of staffing solutions, ranging from direct-hire to temporary employment to consulting or even temp-to-hire. ADB offers a full-service staffing solution and is dedicated to building an outstanding relationship between our candidates and our clients. Our prompt return with the most acceptable resource is a trait ADB Consulting is proud of. View a listing of the types of positions we fill.

Employers: Our online system allows employers to post openings using our job posting system.

CandidatesPost your resume to qualify for positions we fill or search our current job positing. If posting are not available, our job placement program is available to use without charge. Ask an associate about this program today.