Data Management

 The clinical data management staff at ADB Consulting is dedicated to creating a database for your study that contains data of the highest quality. ADB Consulting's staff of professionals have refined their processes to reduce your most valued data management metric, time to database lock. You can trust ADB Consulting data management professionals to perform the following services for your project on-site or off-site (remote).

Electronic Data Capture Electronic Data Capture or EDC is the new method of data entry and collection which is highly effective in reducing time to database lock by allowing realtime data entry and resolution of queries at clinical sites. EDC is a data management revolution allowing companies to save millions in operating Clinical Trials

(See Electronic Data Capture Brochure)

Development of Case Report Forms (CRFs) One of the most critical process of a trial is having effective and efficient CRFs. This ensures that time to collect, complete, enter and audit case report forms is minimized. Effective CRFs also increases the chance of ensuring that recollection of additional data (time and financially costly experience) will not be necessary.


Printing/Assembly/Distribution of CRFs ADB Consulting can handle the preparation and distribution of data collection materials to clinical sites and investigators.

Data Management Plan Creation We develop a data management plan that is guaranteed to implement and retain the required scientific soundness of the data management process.

Data Entry Screen Design and Creation We utilize various tools to develop data entry applications to increase the quality and productivity of the data entry process. Our programmers implement real-time system checks to ensure entries are verified using, blinded, open or double entry methods.

Database Design and Creation ADB Consulting creates the most suitable structures minimize data loss between the CRF and database while preserving the ability of statistical packages to analyze and report efficiently.

Electronic Logic Check Programming & Quality Assurance Checks Development and implementation of edit checks to analyze and query discrepancies is one of the most important processes that could impact the success or failure of a clinical trial. ADB consulting believes in this importance and ensures that a comprehensive set of checks is implemented to satisfy the requirements.

Auto Encoding Adverse Events & Concomitant Medications

ADB Consulting uses standard dictionaries such as MEDDRA and WHODRUG to auto encode adverse event (AEs) and medication terms (Meds).  Auto encoding maximizes the standardization of the categorization. Handling Meds and AEs have never been easier.

 Query Generation and Resolution

ADB Consulting develops and implements a query generation and resolution process that qualifies the discrepancies generated by the database and edit check process while maintaining data integrity