Clinical Monitoring

ADB Consulting offers clinical study monitoring and auditing services across all phases of clinical trials. Some areas of therapeutic experience include: Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular, Depression, Dermatology, Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Medical Devices, Oncology, Pain Management, and Stroke.


The companies below are a sample of those that our associates have supported in the past:

  • Abbot
  • BMS
  • Boston Scientific
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Gore
  • Medtronic
  • Pharma

ADB Consulting supports both startup and longstanding companies. Our project teams grow to support any size/phase project.


Clinical Study Monitoring

ADB Consulting manages a network of in-house and contract clinical research associates (CRAs) who have experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Our CRAs understand your study and the importance of a professional relationship with investigators, site coordinators and site personnel. ADB Consulting CRAs are dedicated to obtaining the highest quality data for your study. The services provided include but is not limited to: Pre-Study Qualification Visits, Data Monitoring Plans, Initiation/Interim/close-out Monitoring Visits, and Clinical Study Monitoring Reports.


Our main clinical study monitoring goal is to ensure that the reported data are accurate, complete, verifiable to source documents. In addition to our goal, we aim to confirm that the trial is conducted in compliance with the protocol, GCP/GLP, and FDA regulatory requirements.